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Player, Coach, Team Travel Guidelines

Elite S.C. Player, Coach and Team Travel Guidelines

The intention of these guidelines is to insure that Elite S.C. players and coaches

have a consistent and fair code of conduct for all travel situations involving teams.

Conduct Guidelines for Elite S.C. Players, Coaches and Teams:

1. It is strongly recommended that all team members, including coaches, stay at the same hotel for the duration of the out of town travel.

2. When attending an out of hotel team function, all team members and coaches shall dress in accepted Elite S.C. travel attire as defined by the coach.

3. All players and coaches shall have a defined curfew established by the coach that is equal to or earlier than the hotel curfew.

4. All players and coaches shall act in a polite, professional and courteous manner while at the hotel, restaurant or in any place where the team or player travels.

5. Any player or coach found stealing, vandalizing or involved in any illegal or inappropriate activity, will be sent home immediately, at the expense of the player or coach, and may be suspended or removed from the Club by the Director of Coaching.

6. Any coach and or player that is found in possession of or using any illegal substance will be suspended immediately and sent home at his own expense, until further review by the Club’s Director of Coaching.

7. All coaches are asked not to drink alcohol in front of team players and or with team parents.

8. Rental Cars: Only coaches and or chaperone parent adults, 25 years and older, should operate rental cars provided by the team.  No 15 passenger van travel is permitted.

9. A coach should not be alone in the hotel room with any player or parent at anytime (other than their spouse or child). Should the need arise for private conversation, the coach and player or parent should find a place out in the open to have this discussion. At a minimum, the hotel door should be open during the meeting.

10. A coach should not share a room with a player or parent unless that person is related to the coach or is a fellow coach.

11. Players should not be in a hotel room with non-family members of the opposite sex without parent supervision.

12. Players and/or their parents/guardians are responsible for making all arrangements for local travel.  The team and its coaches, managers or administrators should avoid responsibility for arranging or coordinating local travel. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure the person transporting the minor player maintains the proper safety and legal requirements,including, but not limited to, a valid driver’s license, automobile liability insurance, a vehicle in safe working order, and compliance with applicable state laws.

Note: The above guidelines are intended to provide clear communication to all players and coaches as to the acceptable behavior while traveling with the team. Any player, coach, or parent that sees conduct inconsistent with the above guidelines has the obligation and responsibility to report the act to the Club’s Director of Coaching.

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