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Goal Keeping School

At Elite S.C., we take pride in preparing our GK's to excel.  As part of your membership, several specialized GK specific training sessions are offered to each age-group during the fall and spring seasons.  Additionally, we offer supplemental GK training through our Center of Excellence in the winter and summer.

From the early stages of development at U8 to the senior stages of our high school players, Elite S.C. will teach, challenge, and guide our goal keepers to reach their potential.  We will teach and train players through the 3 stages of development: Basic Stage, Intermediate Stage, and Advanced Stage.  

U8-U11 Overview:
 In this “Basic Stage” of development, our focus is on the introduction to the fundamental technical, tactical, physical, psycho-social, aspects of the GK position.  We aim to help players understand that GK’s are “field players” that can use their hands.  Our goal is not to specialize players as GK’s but to build the foundation, understanding, and enjoyment of the goalkeeper position.  Training Focus: Dynamic Stance, Basic Handling and Distribution. 

U12-U14 Overview: In this “Intermediate Stage” of development, our focus is to progress players into the advanced technical, tactical, physical, psycho-social aspects of the GK position. We begin to identify players to be dedicated goalkeepers. Our goalkeeper coaches will help with the transition from field player to a full time goalkeeper. Goalkeepers begin to transition to an increase in intensity and commitment level to develop their goalkeeper skills.Training Focus: Dynamic Stance, Basic Handling, Distribution, Positional Play and Angles. 

High School Overview: In this “Advanced Stage” of development, devoted to refining the technical proficiency, tactical awareness, physical abilities, and psychological approach of goalkeepers. There is an increase in commitment, intensity and focus on player performance to help goalkeepers reach their full potential. Training Focus: Saves, Footwork, Reset, Distribution, Passback Option, Mental Toughness, Communication and Field Awareness.

Curriculum has been designed to cover the four components of GK:   Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psycho-social.  

4 components of GK Player Development:


Diving Saves

Goal Kicks


Field Player Skills

Stance and Set Position

Catching & Handling

Shot Saving & Redirecting

Tipping & Parrying

Crossed Balls


Breakaway Saves



Decision Making

Organizing the Defense

Breakaway Saves

Pass Back Tactics

Angle Play and Positioning

Starting Positions


Initiating Attacks

Establishing Tempo

Sweeper-Keeper Tactics

Reading the Attack


Proper Warm-up


Effective Cool-down

Prevention of Injury

Flexibility & Coordination

Pressure Training

Strength & Agility

Footwork Mobility

Year Round Conditioning

Power Development



Positive Projection

Maturity & Poise

Self Awareness

Self Analysis

Self Energizing

Staying Centered

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