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Pre-K Spring

Elite Soccer Pre-K Soccer Program introduces players to dribbling, passing, shooting and coordination and body movement activities in a fun-filled environment. Games and practice activities promote soccer skill and overall athletic development.  This program offers players the opportunity to learn from Elite Soccer Professional Coaches in a fun filled session of soccer.

If the weather is bad and the timing of cancellation allows, an email will be sent to you.  Also, the "Events" section on the homepage will indicate if there is a cancellation.

Spring 2014 Pre-K Game Day Schedule

For Game Day, please check-in by Field #1.


Age Location  Day  Time  Dates                    Price     
3 year old  St. Peter  Monday  5:00-5:45pm  4/7-5/12 (Make-up date  5/19)
3 year old  St. Peter  Saturday  9:00-9:45am  4/12-5/17
4/5 year old  St. Peter Tuesday & Saturday 9:15-10:00am  4/8-5/17 (Make-up date 5/20)

4/5 year old
St. Peter Tuesday & Saturday 1:00-1:45pm  4/8-5/17 (Make-up date 5/20 &  5/27)
4/5 year old  St. Peter  Wednesday & Saturday 11:45-12:30pm  4/9-5/17 $110   
4/5 year old  St. Peter  Wednesday & Saturday 2:15-3:00pm  4/9-5/17
4/5 year old   St. Peter  Wednesday & Saturday 5:00-5:45pm  4/9-5/17

3-5 year old Montessori Wednesday Only
3:30-4:15pm 4/9-5/14 $85 *For Montessori Students Only    
4/5 year old Montessori Wednesday & Saturday       
3:30-4:15pm 4/9-5/17 $110 *For Montessori Students Only    
3-5 year old Methodist Friday Only 12:15-1:00pm 4/11-5/16 (no 4/18) $70 *For Methodist Students Only

4/5 year old Methodist Friday & Saturday 12:15-1:00pm 4/11-5/17 (no 4/18) $100 *For Methodist Students Only

Game Days: Saturdays (4/5 year olds only)
Location: St. Peter Church and School - 111 W. Olive Street, Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Schedule: Spring 2014 Schedule

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Contact Eric Love at elove@elitesoccer.net or 847-445-1919.

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