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Winter 2015 Training Schedule

Boys Girls
U8 Boys U8 Girls
U9 Boys U9 Girls
U10 Boys U10 Girls
U11 Boys U11 Girls
U12 Boys U12 Girls
U13 Boys U13 Girls
U14 Boys U14 Girls
HS Boys HS Girls

U9 Boys Black Barnes
U10 Boys Black Love
U10 Boys Red Meyer
U10 Boys White Calandro
U12 Boys Select White Barnes 5:30-6:45
U13 Girls Select Butler 5:30-6:45
U11 Boys Red Brust 5:30-6:45
U11 Boys White Fox 5:30-6:45
U13 Boys Premier Black Pavon 6:30-7:45
U13 Boys Premier Red Johnston 6:30-7:45
U13 Boys Select Reynolds 6:30-7:45
U14 Boys Premier Black Brust 6:30-7:45
U12 Boys Premier Black Pavon 7:30-8:45
U14 Girls Premier Black Garcia 7:30-8:45
U14 Girls Premier Red Garcia 7:30-8:45
U14 Girls Select Butler 7:30-8:45
U17 Boys Premier Love 8:15-9:30
U18-Boys Premier Steele 8:15-9:30
U16-Boys Premier Pavon 8:15-9:30
U16 Boys Select Silvado 8:15-9:30
U18-Boys Premier Brust 8:15-9:30

*Training Reminders:

-flat shoes (no cleats)
-wipe/dry your shoes before entering field
-no ball play outside of the field (hallways/lobby)
-wear your Elite Soccer training shirt
-bring your ball, shin guards, and water bottle 
*Player Pick up and Drop off Safety:
-players must be picked up inside of the facility
-players may not leave the facility without parent/guardian/carpool
-players are not allowed to wait in the parking lot 

FVEC= Forest View Educational Center Fieldhouse and South Gym
(2121 S Goebbert Rd, AH)
*FVEC Parking Map
*FVEC Training Map
*FVEC South Gym Rotation Schedule

SCSC= Salt Creek Sports Center
(647 S Consumers Ave, Palatine)


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